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Favorite music videos Favorite songs

~Songs and Videos are listed starting with my most favorite~
*. Everclear -- Father of mine *. 2PAC -- California Love *. The Backstreet Boys -- Larger Than Life, I'll never break your heart, Show me the meaning of being lonely, The Call, Shape of my heart *. Monster Magnet -- Space lord *. Aerosmith -- I don't wanna miss a thing *. Dream -- This is me, He loves you not *. Britney Spears -- Stronger, Baby one more time, You drive me crazy, Oops I did it again, Don't let me be the last to know *. Christina Aguilera -- Come on over baby, Genie in a bottle *. Beck -- Devil's haircut; Where its at; The New Pollution *. Orgy -- Stitches, Fiction *. Jennifer Lopez -- Play *. Mariah Carey -- Honey *. The Spice Girls -- Holler, Goodbye *. The Smashing Pumpkins -- Tonight tonight *. Nine Inch Nails -- The Perfect Drug *. PRAS, ODB, MYA -- Ghetto Superstar *. Rammstein -- DU HAST *. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Pink, and Mya - Lady Marmalade *. David Bowie + Trent Raznor -- I'm afraid of Americans *. Michael Jackson -- Scream *. Depeche Mode -- Walking in my shoes *. Hanson -- This Time Around *. Marilyn Manson -- Rock is dead *. Korn -- Freak on a leash *. Aaron Carter -- Shake it *. Metallica -- I Disappear *. 98 Degrees -- I do *. Jessica Simpson -- I Think I'm in Love With You *. Bush -- Chemicals Between Us *. Janet Jackson -- Doesn't Really Matter, All for you *. Crazytown -- Butterfly

Favorite music videos Favorite songs

*. LeAnn Rimes -- How do I live, I need you, Right kind of wrong, I do love you, Please remember *. Backstreet Boys -- Drowning, Shape of my heart, I want it that way, Show me the meaning of being lonely, Everybody, As long as you love me, More than that, Get another byfriend, Quit playing games, Time, The Call, It's true *. Angela Via - I don't care *. Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel *. Dream -- When I get there, In my dreams, He loves you not, This is Me, How Long, Pain, I don't like anyone *. Tamara Walker -- Didn't We Love *. Hanson -- Weird, I will come to you, Yearbook, Save me, If Only, This Time Around *. U2 -- Walk on, Elevation (Tomb Raider reMix), The Ground Beneath Her Feet, One, Starring at the sun, In a little while *. 2PAC -- California Love *. Depeche Mode -- The Mercy in You, Higher Love, One Caress, Strangelove, Walking in my shoes, Everything Counts, In your room, Personal Jesus, Never let me down again, People ARe People, Fly on the windscreen, Black Celebration, Policy of truth, Enjoy the silence, It's no good, Sea Of Sin, Photographic (Some Bizzare Version), Blasphemous Rumours, etc... *. Britney Spears -- Oops I did it again, You drive me crazy *. Rare Blend -- Boom boom boom *. Christina Aguilera -- Nobody wants to be lonely(featuring Ricki Martin), Genie in a bottle *. Fuel -- Hemorrhage, Innocent, Shimmer *. Celine Dion -- That's the Way It Is *. Aerosmith -- I don't want to miss a thing *. The Verve Pipe -- The Freshman *. Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood *. Willa Ford -- I wanna be bad *. Ace of Base -- The Sign *. White Town -- Your woman *. The Smashing Pumpkins -- Eye *. Everclear -- Father of mine, When it all goes wrong again *. The Gin Blossoms -- Found out about you *. Pearl Jam -- Black, Jeremy *. Emilia -- Big Big World *. Wham/George Michael -- Careless Whisper *. PRAS + Old Dirty Bastard + Mya -- Ghetto Superstar *. Spice Girls -- Wannabe, Goodbye, Holler *. Forest for the Trees -- Dream *. Nickelback - How you remind me *. Mandy Moore -- In My Pocket *. Lenny Kravitz -- If you can't say no *. Monaco -- What do you want from me *. Texas -- Say what you want *. Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself *. Live -- Lightning crashes, Run to the water *. INOJ -- Time After Time *. Erasure -- In my arms *. Better Than Ezra -- Desperately Wanting *. Matchbox 20 -- Mad Season *. Alicia Keys - Fallin' I love Chinese songs from Andy Lau, Emil Chow, George Lam, Sally Yeh, and any soundtrack featured in a martial arts movie/serial.

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