After months of hard work, I am proud to announce that our (we = Dustin and I) groundbreaking website TOTAL <HTML>, The Ultimate HTML Tutorial, is available for public viewing. Within days of launching the site, several users have already told us that "it is an awesome resource to have." Total HTML guides you through our tutorial with step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know about HTML. It is possibly the most elaborate HTML tutorial. While other tutorials offer brief definitions, we strive to make sure you understand everything we teach you. Our tutorial provide more detailed explanations than any other tutorial I have seen. It has interactive tools such as a quiz to test your knowledge, a message board to share info, and the coolest HEX code finder that you must see for yourself. There is also a glossary, FAQ, and tons of hints that are perfect for advanced users. You can even promote your site through our User-Submitted Sites. And there's much more! Please pay a visit and spread the word. CREATED FOR BEGINNING AND ADVANCED USERS.

Here are two handy images that we made for you to display on your page. Feel free to use them to show that you don't need Frontpage to complete a good site. :) Personally, I've always felt better building sites from scratch. Directions: right click on the images below, select "save pic as," and upload them to your web server.

So, just what is the infamous ThinkQuest?

ThinkQuest is a global network of students, teachers, parents and technologists dedicated to exploring youth-centered learning on the Net.

ThinkQuest is an online community where young people learn, teach, mentor, discover, research and grow through ThinkQuest programs.

The ThinkQuest World encompasses young people, educators and technologists in more than 100 nations who come together as digital learners, web creators, and Net entrepreneurs.

You just read part of the description on the official ThinkQuest site. ThinkQuest Competitions include the Internet Challenge, ThinkQuest Junior, and Tomorrow's Teachers. Dustin Smith from Spearfish, South Dakota and I, both dynamic in HTML, are among hundreds of teens who took part in the Internet Challenge 2001. Our webpage tutorial, TOTAL HTML, was launched for public viewing in September. Please point your browser to

The ThinkQuest Internet Challenge does not require skill (although it definitely helps) or talent. What it does require is time, commitment, determination, and team work. Visit the official ThinkQuest website for more info on how you can receive $50,000 in scholarship and be escorted to Egypt or other destinations for next year's award. =)