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Kung Fu Instructor(1978)   Ti Lung, Angie Zhao **
Street Fighter   Sonny Chiba *
Weird Man(1983)   Chen Tien Chi *
Five Fingers of Death(1972)   Lo Lieh, Tin Fun ****
Descendant of Wing Chun   Norman Chu **
Blade of Fury(1993)   Yeung Fan, Zhao Chang Jun ****
A Moment of Romance(1991)   Andy Lau ***
Buddha's Palm(1982)   Erh Tung Sheng, Alex Man ***
Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre   Ti Lung, Erh Tung Sheng **
Magic Blade(1976)   Ti Lung, Lo Lieh **
Descendant of the Sun(1984)   Erh Tung Sheng, Cherie Chung *
Usurpers of Emperor's Power   Max Mox, Lau Suet Wa *
Portrait in Crystal(1982)   Jason Pai Piao **
Opium and the Kung Fu Master   Ti Lung ****
Rendezvous with Death(1980)   Wong Yu, Lo Lieh ****
Legend of Zu(2001)   Ekin Cheng, Wu Jing ***
Shaolin Soccer(2001)   Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat ****
A Book of Heroes   - haven't watched
Duel for Gold(1971)   Ivy Ling Po, Lo Lieh ****
King Eagle(1971)   Ti Lung ****
What Price Survival(1994)   David Chiang ****
Bichunmoo(2001)   - ***
My Father is a Hero(1995)   Jet Li, Anita Mui ****
Long Road to Gallantry   Kenny Ho, Hui Ying Hong *****
New Tales of the Flying Fox   Felix Wong, Alex Man ***
Dragons Forever   Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung ****
Abbot White   - **
Supreme Swordsman   Jason Pai Piao, Erh Tung Sheng ****
13 Cold-Blooded Eagles(1993)   Cynthia Khan ***
In the Line of Duty 3   Cynthia Khan **
Eternal Combat(1993)   Lam Ching Ying, Joey Wong **
Drunken Master(1979)   Jackie Chan ***
Mr. Vampire(1985)   Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho ***
Zen of Sword(1993)   Michelle Reis, Cynthia Khan ***
Lost Samurai Sword   Tien Peng, Pai Ying *
Green Hornet(1994)   Lam Ching Ying **
Killer's Romance(1989)   Simon Yam, Joey Wong **
Magnificent Butcher(1979)   Sammo Hung ****
Day the Sun Turned Cold   - ***
Operation Scorpio(1992)   Chin Kar Lok, Liu Chia Liang *****
Warriors Two(1979)   Sammo Hung, Casanova Wong ****
Drunken Master 3(1994)   Michelle Reis, Gordon Liu **
Enigmatic Case   Damien Lau ***
Gen-X Cops(1999)   Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung ****
Wild Side   Joan Chen ***
Bodyguard from Beijing   Jet Li, Christy Chung, Kent Cheng ****
The Blade(1995)   Zhao Wen Zhou ***
Odd Couple   Sammo Hung, Leung Kar Yan ****
This is Kung Fu   Jet Li, Zhao Chang Jun etc *****
Knockabout   Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Leung Kar Yan ****
Abbot of Shaolin   David Chiang, Lo Lieh **
Dream Sword (1982)   Tsung Hua, Yue Hua *
Showdown at the Cottom Mill   Chi Kuan Chun ***
Return of the Deadly Blade   Yasuaki Kurata, David Chiang ***
Peacock King   Yuen Biao **
East is Red(1993)   Yu Rong Guang, Brigitte Lin ***
Thunderclap (1984)   Tony Leung Siu Hung, Max Mok ****
Exciting Dragon   Leung Kar Yan **
Sorceress' Wrath AKA White Hair Devil Lady (1980)   - ***
Fight For Glory   Ching Li, David Chiang **
Crane Fighter   - ***
Young Hero of Shaolin 1   - ***
Young Hero of Shaolin 2   - ***
Lackey and the Lady Tiger   Mars, Tien Niu ***
Legend of a Fighter   Leung Kar Yan, Yasuaki Kurata, Ko Fei ****
Secret Rivals, The   John Liu, Wang Tao ***
Secret Rivals 2, The   John Liu ***
Battle For Shaolin AKA Shaolin Intruders (1983)   Jason Pai Piao, Erh Tung Sheng ***
Avenging Fist (2001)   Wang Lee Hom, Sammo Hung, Stephen Fung, Kristy Yeung, Chin Kar Lok ***
Time and Tide (2000)   Nicholas Tse, Wu Bai **
Color of Pain (2002)   Kenya Sawada ***
Wits of the Brats (1984)   Cheung Chin Pang, To Siu Ming ***
Pursuit of a Killer (1985)   Lo Meng **
Pedicab Driver   Sammo Hung haven't watched
Sino-Dutch War (2001)   Zhao Wen zhou ***
Black Panther Warriors (1993)   Alan Tang, Brigitte Lin, Tong Leung Ka Fai, Simon Yam ****
Running Out of Time (1999)   Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan ***
South Shaolin Master   - haven't watched
God of Gamblers 3   Leon Lai, Anita Yuen haven't watched
Comrades, Almost a Love Story   Leon Lai haven't watched
Picture of a Nymph   Yuen Biao, Joey Wong haven't watched
Dirto Ho(1978)   Gordon Liu, Wong Yu haven't watched
Young and Dangerous 1 (1996)   Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Francis Ng ****
Master Strikes Back (1985)   Ti Lung ***
Pursuit of Vengeance (1977)   Ti Lung, Tony Liu Yung ***
The Shanghai 13   Chiang Ming, Chen Kuan Tai, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chiang Sheng, Cheng Tien Chi, Lu Feng, Leung Kar Yan, Andy Lau, Chi Kuan Chun, Wong Ching *****
Proud Twins   Alexander Fu Sheng ***
Legendary Weapons of China (1982)   Hui Ying Hung, Liu Chia Liang ****
Private Eyes, The (1976)   Sam Hui, Michael Hui haven't watched
She Shoots Straight   Joyce, Carina Lau ****
Back Alley Princes (1974)   Polly Kuan, Tin Fung, Angela Mao, Lau Wing, Carter Wong, Samuel Hui **
2002 (2002)   Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung haven't watched
Royal Tramp (1993)   Stephen Chow, Cheung Man *****
Bullet in the Head   Tony Leung Chiu Wai ****
Treasure Castle (1972)   Chiang Ming, Lam Ching Ying **
Hitman (1998)   Jet Li, Eric Tsang ***
Hidden Enforcers (2002)   Sammo Hung *
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife   Kenny Bee, Chow Yun Fat ***
Chinese Odyssey 2002   Tony Leung Chiu Wai ***
Flirting Scholar   Stephen Chow, Gong Li haven't watched
Justice, My Foot!   Stephen Chow, Anita Mui **
Madam White Snake   Brigitte Lin  
Hail the Judge   Stephen Chow  
Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger (2002)   Fan Siu Wong, Sammo Hung, Cheng Pei Pei ***
Deadly Angels (1977)   Shaw Yin Yin **
Ten Tigers of Kwantung (1978)   Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, Ku Feng, Lung Tien Hsiang, Venoms, Wang Lung Wei ***
Assassin (1967)   Jimmy Wang Yu haven't watched
Legend of the Assassinator   David Chiang ***
Blazing Temple   Carter Wong haven't watched
Fast Sword (1971)   Chang Yi, Sammo Hung ***
Bloody Parrot   Jason Pai Piao, Law Wing **
Fist of Fury (AKA Chinese Connection)   Bruce Lee, Tien Fung, Nora Miao ***
Shiri   - ****
Red Wolf   Kenny Ho, Christy Chung, Ngai Sing ****
The Loot   David Chiang, Norman Chu, Ko Fei ****
Roar of the Lion (1981)   Lo Meng, Wong Yu, Sharon Yeung ****
Tai Chi II (1996)   Jacky Wu, Sibelle Hu, Christy Chung ****
Extreme Challenge (2001)   Dir: Stephen Tung Wai ***
Aces Go Places 2 (1983)   Samuel Hui, Karl Maka ***
Shaolin Mantis (1978)   David Chiang, Lau Kar Wing, Celica Wong ***

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