I have decided to make a free giveaway page for all of my images. I guess it is better than storing 2000 files on my server and never use them. So now is your chance to take whatever you want from the following directories. If you download them for personal use (offline only), great. If you use them (***With exception of images currently displayed on any of my pages) on your website or for similar purposes, there is no need to mention me or my site, as most of these images were not created by me anyway (most of the sites where I got these images no longer exist, so there is no copyright). However, please give credit to gifworks.com for I used it to create several of my images. ***You may not use any image that is currently displayed on any of the pages on this site. Otherwise, they're all yours!

/images - my main image corner.  Includes buttons, background images, animated gifs, and tons more.

/huanzhu - Images from the Chinese show Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Princess of Pearl).

/1999 - images from the once popular Supreme Gallery.  Mainly snapshots of SNES games 
and ultra cool photos from Dragon Ball Z.

/buttons - believe it or not, once upon a time I used these buttons on the main page.

/buttons/edit - I took the buttons from the above directory and made them more fancy.

/ST - Fans of Street Fighters will not be disappointed!  I actually took all of the screenshots 
while playing the game myself.

/YBA - YBA is an excellent camp for students interested in business.  I was at the camp for one week
and here are some pictures of my "company."  Gotta love these South Dakotans!