Depeche Mode - band history

In 1980, guitarist/vocalists Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore and keyboardist Vince Clarke formed "Composition of Sound" in Essex, England. Soon the band found their lead singer Dave Gohan, and became what is now known as DEPECHE MODE. Within a year the band released their first 3 singles - "Dreaming of me", "New life", and "Just can't get enough"; and their first album SPEAK AND SPELL in late 1981. Unfortunately Vince Clarke left the band right after their European tour. Alan Wilder joined the band after A BROKEN FRAME, the second Depeche Mode album was released and soon released their third album - CONSTRUCTION TIME AGAIN. The single "People are People", which was released in 1984, was Depeche Mode's first North Americas success. Followed by the releases of SOME GREAT REWARDS and CATCHING UP WITH DEPECHE MODE in 1984-1985. Then in 1985, the band released their most hard making album - BLACK CELEBRATION with the single "Stripped" and followed by the Black Celebration Tour. Not giving up on their recordings, MUSIC FOR THE MASSES was released by the band in 1987, which contained the single "Strangelove" and "Never let me down again". Experiencing Music for the Masses struggled reaching the UK top 10, the band released a live album and video entiled "101", which was played at their 101'st concert in the Pasadena Rose Bowl with more than 70,000 fans! Then in 1989, Depeche Mode released their first single "Personal Jesus"(yep, that was me :)) from VIOLATOR, and it became one of the biggest selling CD singles in the entire U.S. history. Followed by the killer smash hit "Enjoy the silence"; it has proven Depeche Mode's huge success, and also getting a lot of U.S. fans' attentions. Then came "Policy of truth" and "World in my eyes". Soon the World Violation Tour begun. The tour was quite successful; but problems and conflicts had caused the band not knowing if they were ever going to work again at the end of the tour. Was that the end of Depeche Mode? NONONONONONONONONO =) In fact, in 1993, after more than 3 years between albums, the band released its #1 debute album on Billboard's top 100 and on British charts as well - SONGS OF FAITH AND DEVOTION; Featuring singles such as "I feel you", "Walking in my shoes", and "In your room". Then it was time for another tour again. But this time, it was a huge 14 months world tour. In mid 1995, keyboardist/drummer Alan Wilder decided to leave the band, and formed Recoil afterwards. Andy, Martin, and Dave moved on as Depeche Mode and recorded a new album in London. Soon in February 1997, "Barrel of a gun" was released as the first single from the new album ULTRA, which was released 4-14-1997; followed by the singles "It's no good", "Home", and "Useless". The album was soon debuted #5 on the U.S. Billboard Record Charts. Was it time for another tour? Not this time. Depeche Mode had spent time promoting the new album and giving over 250 interviews; as well as playing live over the world. Then in August 1998, a Depeche Mode Tribute Album entitles FOR THE MASSES was released; featuring bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Dishwalla, Rammenstein and many more. After Depeche Mode released its newest single "Only when I lose myself" along with a doubledisk album entitled "The singles 86>98"(featuring singles from 86-98) in September 1998, the band was on tour again. Their European tour is already completed; and Depeche is currently on their North American tour. For more info click here. In the mean, time stay Depeched and keep Moding! =)