Welcome to The GhettoSuperheroes page! The heroes you see here are actually friends of 
mine -- the GhettoSuperstar. You too can be a part of the GhettoSuperheroes, if you 
aren't already. Simply get to know me, and who knows? Maybe one day other people will look 
at you and adore you like a real Superhero =)

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Let's start everything off with my sis Ilia, whose real name is Sandra. Sandra is lucky enough to live in the "nothing but beauty" country - Sweden, not to mention she's my goofball number ONE(1)! =) It's amazing how nice she can be - compared to her craziness. She is also one of the members of our ":P committee" =). It seems that she can come up with anything, when it comes to trouble.

Next we have Mimi, of course known as Lady Medusa or Snake Chick. And just to give you some ideas of how sweet she is, Mimi is my Sister of night and Sweetest Perfection =) She lives in the windy city - Chicago, where she was born. And if you are one of those people who just want to complain about everything, Mimi definitely would be a good listener for ya =) Another die-hard devotee we have here - David; you might have known him from the quote "stay depeched and keep moding". David hails from Russia, but now living in the beautiful city known as Toronto. He is definitely one of those nice devotees who always pops into the chatbox, and also known as ICE MACHINE. Who'd have ever thought a nice guy like David is always putting bad stuff about me in Halo and everybody else's guestbook? *winks at David*. And why in hell is he SOOOOO obsessed with the 2 fat chicks from my upstairs? He even admitted that he wouldn't go to the DM gig without them damn it! =)

It's always fun to meet new people on cyberland; and Petra is one of them. I first met her in the Depeche Mode chatroom; but due to the fact that we don't go to DM that often anymore we keep in touch with email and ICQ. Believe me Petra is a very sensitive girl, just like me. Also she can be super-friendly, but only when she's not too sensitive =)

So, you've heard of him, and perhaps know him. Well let's all welcome Terry aka T aka Sycamore aka T-Money aka T-Bone aka Funk Master T =) T lives in St. Louis, and he is absolutely crazy about Mark McGuire and his home runs! His true heart has been stolen by the windy city -- Chicago, where many of his close friends live. It seems that Terry and Alex, one of the Chicago homies, are always adding funky and funny stuff to eachother's pictures. Don't believe me? See above and below =)

Here we have our little Chicago homie - Alex, as mentioned above :); better known as elec Trik and formerly known as Tricky. Alex is one of the biggest party animals I know; always doing something fun and scary. He is now attending school at DePaul University. Ladies/girls please note: THIS GUY LIKES TO RUN AROUND CITY NAKED!!!! Just thought I'd let you all know that, so you won't be surprised if you ever see him on the streets naked. hehehe =) Here and now, you are looking at my friend Lisbeth-Jane, or should I say "Jonquil"? Lis is simply one of the best artist I've ever met, and I love every single one of her artwork(they can be found on her website). Hailing originally from China(Woohoo! Another neighbor), Lis now lives in Malaysia, where she was born. Another sweetheart across my path =)

This is my former IRL and internet friend John, whom I met in the Science-Tec Lab at University of North Texas in Denton. Although he is mostly known as J SCREW, Post Mortem, Post Haste, or Pimpf Daddy, I call him Moonlight all the time =) John has to be one of the laziest people I've ever met, and yet he's studying film at UNT. One can only hope that he doesn't j screw up everything during his years as a college student =) This guy you see right here might look a little mean, but in reality he is one of the nicest and kindest people you'll ever find! His name is Coby, better known as Todd in the Depeche Mode chatbox. Coby seems to be the only friend I've met so far who lives in Utah. He is one of the biggest Madonna fan I know; and now I proudly present him to you as the winner for the craziest man for taco !! As a matter of fact, I'm still not comfortable with the fact that I have to hand Coby the taco I owe him by the end of this year =) This pretty little girl you see here is Jenna, who goes by Modegirl or Curegirl in the chatroom. Jenna is one of the many people I know who lives in the Bay Area(you better know where that is!); and unmentionally being one of my youngest friends here -- only 14, just like me! Unlike many other people, Jenna loves her high school and thinks it absolutely rocks! And if everything goes well, I shall meet both her and her boyfriend -- Triton around Christmas time this year! =) This is it, the scariest and coolest and yet the most mysterius man on Earth -- *******, better known as Sin. This man fell into a well about a month ago; and yet is still alive -- after being rescued after a month =) Guess the fizz(his favorite) he had in his pockets really saved his life =) But hey, it's all crap -- that's why he's the coolest IRISH man ever; is him being capable of anything. Next we have Anitka; formerly known as Sex Dwarf and now anything related to sex, girl, love, pain, or anything that you can't think of anyone else who would use that name :). Anitka comes from Toronto (Cananda), where he and his husby "Wonderboy" live together. Sorry Anitka, I had to give out that little secret of yours =)

As the list goes on and on we now have Katja aka Lady K -- from Turku, Finland. One thing I must say about Katja is that she always loves to brag but never admits it =) She is also one of the biggest soccer fans I know(can you imagine how crazy she could be while she was watching World Cup?:). However, without her help on ICQ, I would probably still be screwing everything up.

Here comes Brenda, also known as Ariana in the chatrooms. Brenda is definitely the lady with the most love for her animals(puppy and kitten); she even admits that she loves them more than anything else in the world =) Brenda and her fiance have their own band Two-Minute Warning; she also writes lyrics and sings. If you haven't heard her songs yet here's a hint: go to her site and find the songs immediately! =)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the funniest and the most sarcastic friend I've ever had - Leah =) Leah is one of the many devotees from California, better known as Flyonthewindscreen or Myra. It seems that whatever comes out of her nice mouth always make me laugh, and perhaps want to puke! hehehehe =) Last but not least, we have the maya-monster, and as always, known as Rush or oncewaswash, because someone took her name from the new DM chatbox. Like Leah, Maya is extremely funny and sarcastic. Although she thinks nobody is perfect, I think she is, in a way. The maya-monster hails from Toronto, where the most devotees I know hail from. In her spare time she likes riding horses -- one can only hope that her horses don't ruin her toes again =)

p.s. to my non-pix friends: I love you guys!! JNS, Sasha, Rose, Dot, Wyatt, Disa, etc... Please send me your pix soon! Lexi, Meggieburger, Nana, Katie, Cher, Nadia, Triton, and everyone else: let me know when you are ready to be seen =) to my favorite girllie Sony: you are so cute! :-) Send me more pics anytime! Thanks all!