Welcome to The GhettoSuperheroes page! The heroes you see here are actually friends of 
mine -- the GhettoSuperstar. You too can be a part of the GhettoSuperheroes, if you 
aren't already. Simply get to know me, and who knows? Maybe one day other people will look 
at you and adore you like a real Superhero =)

Please choose the hero you adore:

[Sony] [Ilia] [sycamore] [Mimi] [Lexi] [Sasha] [JNS] [Ice Machine] [Okami] [Petra] [elec Trik] [Modegirl] [Butterfly-415] [Rose] [Melis] [Cher] [Jonquil] [Lady K] [Todd] [Emby] [Ariana] [Moonlight] [Flyonthewindscreen] [Katie] [Banana] [Anitka] [Triton] [Sin] [Isola] [Rush] [Nimrod87] [Amphesizer] [Deen]

My friends: Please be patient if you don't see your name here in the first few weeks or so. I have a lot more to accomplish here, and plus school is keeping my time limited. Just so you understand that I did not forget any of you. =)