Friends Trivia
If you can answer these trivias, then I will consider you a genius. Read the trivias and maybe you'll learn a few things about me and my friends. Answers will be posted soon, so check back often.
WHO first SAID? I was once a prostitute Is that an adoption paper? Greetings and Salutations, would you like to be f*cked? Mass of two shits (= Massechussets) Do you have a stiffy? Mahhamod Gandhi, Mohammad Ali Pythagorist What, you queaft? Why are f*cking an Indian bit*h? You're so stupid that my grandma has a watch? Oh I'm sorry, wanna make love? WHO IS KNOWN AS? Army Cowboy Sex Because of You Tire Peach head skiing down a hill Squeaky Voice Your backpack's getting f*cked A thing called a cat refrigerator Stiffy The One Pizza Turkey Fabian smoking the door the fat guy scrambled eggs radio/headphone Who do I consider to be my first friend from Spearfish? Who always brought thousands of napkins to the lunch table everyday? Which two people do I consider to be the counterpart of eachother? Who kicked my ass because he "thought I was a bird?" Who kept saying "f*ck me" in front of Mr. Gabriel?" Who still has a Valentine candy bar from Ms. Studt? Who is considered the guy who first started humor? Whose last name did a picture taker confuse mine with? Who is the kid we always ran away from in school? What does Cisco's 7 layers, APSTNDP, really stand for, according to Dusty? In front of which teacher could I not stop laughing for no apparent reason? Who did Dusty and I think Doug Dodson was, when we heard that he was going to the Math contest? What's logical the answer to this question: What if I gave you this? Who in Ms. Krambeck's sophormore English class said "I'm a girl and she's a boy?" Who still doesn't have a car???? (besides Dusty :P) What are two ways of playing the game "Humor?"