T. L. Blastenbrei
a classic pic of T-MOney Of all the people I have met over the course of the years, I must say T has come to know me better than most others. He has been extremely influencial to me. In fact, even today, I still find myself quoting phrases used by T years ago. If you were here to look around this site 3 years ago (when it had tons of material still hidden somewhere) and to check out his site; there is no way you would not have found similarities between our sites. I have always looked up to him over the years. T's alias Sycamore was probably the most notable name in the Depeche Mode chatbox. His first website was also something... (come on, who doesn't remember El Ciberbarrio? =)) of which I have always been a frequent guest. His legend lives on, and look for new legend now that he lives in Philadelphia with Rho. T has a tremendous amount of love for the Windy City Chicago and anything that goes on or comes out of the area. He stepped out of his hometown of St. Louis several years ago. Before that, T made more entries in our guestbooks (especially his own) more than anybody, even more than I. =)
NICKNAMES: Sycamore, T-Money, T-Bone, Snake Charmer WHERE MET: Depeche Mode Chatbox HOW LONG SINCE WE MET: 4 years LOCATION: Philly, PA