Fort wayne
Well folks, I've only been here a year and it's time to go already. Qué triste! Y todos las personas ha sido muy agradable. I especially want to give a shout to the following people whom I consider friends. In no particular order: don Juan, Josh, Lauren, Kristen, Phil, Angie, Melissa, Tuyen, Elliot, Pau, Hau (Hao??), Picasso (Erin), Papa Grande, Shawn, Jordan, Sean (magic cards), Kyle, Donald, Danielle (Brunson), Megan (Margarita), Ashley (Caveda). As far as the teachers, well, Señor Drake was extremely cool; Ms. Skulley was a really good teacher; and Mr. Alsin's class was fun, but he should just switch profession before he ruins any more kids' Physics. Gracias todos por sus amistad. Espero que todo vaya bien para vosotros.