Dusty Smith and family
4 or 5 years ago this is what my man looked like! Leaving Spearfish is one thing, but I really don't like the idea of being so far away from Dusty that he might eventually forget the old times! He of all people knows my "humorous" side best. After the fun & humor we experienced the last 3 years, I feel just a tad nostalgic. Although, I have heard, the legendary legacy of humor that we invented is still circulating. And please, do not even attempt to discover the secret behind all this humor deal. You will most likely have two heart attacks as soon as you lay eyes on our "quotes." What you need to know about him: he is currently 17 years old, lives in Spearfish just like me, is known to be the all-knowing computer and java genius around, loves playing Half Life and Command & Conquer, has what it takes to compare humor to the moon, and still goes on daily paper route =) Dusty has two brothers, Nick and Scotty, and one sister, Tiffany. Scotty, 15, is the opposite of what Dusty is, so let's just leave it at that. Tiffany, on the other hand, is the loud one. Dusty's mother, Donalee, must be getting used to the outcries and major noises she receives from running the daycase. She is very caring and family-oriented. Dusty also has many cousins and other relatives in town, one of which is Stacey, who always bugs me about speaking Chinese. =) The family loves cats. Present in the house are Jasmine and Diablo, two very cute kittens. Just a little note on Donalee: you might wanna get her a gift when you return from a long vacation. Otherwise you will regret not listening to my advise. hehehe
MOSTLY HANGS OUT WITH: Steve Post, Andy, Corey Ostrom, Yuhao, David Miller, Scotty. CURRENT AGE: 17 LOCATION: Spearfish, South Dakota