d1 & Angel...& other friends
D1 and I really had our differences for a while. I can still remember how much resentment I had for him for a while. =) Of course, looking back on everything today, it is not hard to see why we did not get along too well. I acknowledge my childish behaviors at times, & I never thought I'd say this, but Dave, I am sorry about all the stupid things I did. So there :P If you would like a nice little introduction to Depeche Mode, d1 would probably be of great help. Talk about the biggest DM fans and you've gotta include him. His trading list is sure to impress anyone. I first met d1 via his friend Lonewolf. Both of them were among the very first people I talked to in the DM chatbox. In fact, Lonewolf & Kitty were the first two people whose email address I wrote down on my first time to the chatbox. Angel is also a friend of Lonewolf and Kitty's.
NICKNAMES: d1, Pacifist WHERE MET: Depeche Mode Chatbox HOW LONG SINCE WE MET: 4+ years LOCATION: