P.J. AKA Baldie
Please note: P.J. just happens to be his nickname; he and I are NOT related! *winks at Dusty* One look at P.J. and you are sure to get a chuckle. The kid looks 100% identical to Drew Carry (wish I had a pic of him) and wears glasses with the thickest lenses. When he talks to you, he is really looking at 45 degrees sideways. And he always gives me hell about my real name. "Hey Yoohoo, do they give you commission for using your name on the sports drink?" Hey P.J., maybe I should give you commission for ripping off my name! =) But as far as academics go, Mr. Baldie's got it all figured out. Why else would he attend the annual Math Contest every year? ;-)
MOSTLY HANGS OUT WITH: Wes and Niel Taylor, Justin Cox, CURRENT AGE: 17 LOCATION: Spearfish, South Dakota