PJ's super Friends

The following are my super friends(or simply friends met on the internet).
Click on anyone and see what I have to say about them.

Ilia -- queen of goofballs from left to right: SONY, MELIS, and CHERYL

My good friend David from Russia Elec Trik

  Mimi -- my sweetest perfection & sister of night Sycamore/T-Money

Petra ~sister of night~
my bro Okami

Jenna and Triton Jonquil(Lis) -|- info N/A

Lady K -|- info N/A

Now as I understand this is not quite the real Maya =) -|- info N/A Cobester Mr. Todd

ERIC/E-GORE -|- info N/A
Eric's Significant other -- LEONIE -|- info N/A

Ariana -|- info N/A
100% SIN -|- info N/A
There are many more friends of mine who are not ready to be seen by everyone out there yet. 
As soon as they are ready I will put them on here. So my friends, do you hear this? 
C'mon don't be shy send me your pics if you haven't yet!

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