It's very simple: "EVERYTHING" Copyright 1999 PJ ~MIKE~. You may explore, but not steal. However, if you really want something permission will be granted if you ask nicely. It's that simple, that easy.
  • some of these pages are messed up, mainly because images and backgrounds are missing, and that's b/c a lot of them were moved to different directories or removed
  • if it has a date like "index_1_30_99.html", then it means that the file was removed from webpage on that date
    english_2_15_1999.html -- the bittersweet kingdom english version
    guestbook.html -- click here to sign my guestbook
    index.html and index2.html
    index_6_18_99.html -- very latest to [the end]
    index_1_30_99.html -- index to the bittersweet kingdom
    index_2_26_99.html -- first edition of ~ultra~
    links.html -- friends links
    shimmer.html -- my music/video chart
    thanks.html -- people that I must thank
    the /1999 directory have all the images that formed the Supreme Gallery(NEW ONES COMING SOON!!)
    in the /banners directory, there is a /banners/banner.gif file, it is a banner(duh!) of mine that you might wanna check out
    the /buttons and the /buttons/edit directories contain buttons that were used for the latest edition of ~ULTRA~
    the /cdnow directory is the home of my cdnow music store.
    Get to know my friends in the /friends directory!
    the /music directory has many things about my favorite music, include /music/depechemode.html and /music/links.html
    all the images besides the ones featured in the supreme gallery are store in the /images directories
    the /greetings-and-salutations directory probably has the most reecent files that dominate ~ULTRA~
    the /ghetto directory has everything that was created during the era of The Golden Ghetto. You might wanna check it out.
    Sorry but the /X directory contains a few private and very personal files. It is currently non-accessable.
    Well folks, there you have it -- everything!!(except for a few minors) I hope that you enjoyed "everything", but please keep in mind that I worked very hard on all of them, so if you want anything don't hesitate to ask, just email me at one of my addies, say Unless there is a good reason, I wouldn't mind if you'd like to use them on your webpage, or just to have them on your hard drive. Last but not least, if you have found my guestbook by any chance please sign it. If not, well I guess you can still pick one of the following or I'll let it slide this time. next time try not to miss it =) Send me a message if you couldn't find a file(s) that you'd like to see, and you think that I have it/them