Hanson -- "This Time Around"

Ever since the success of "Middle of Nowhere", the Hanson brothers have enjoyed much fame in the past 3 years, dispite criticisms from just about everybody. This Time Around is a much more rock-based album and has less funk compared to Middle of Nowhere; Hanson has surely become more mature since then. Much of the songs on this album is about love and their ex-girlfriends; such as "If Only", "Save Me", "Wishing I was there", and "Love Song"(need I say more?). Nevertheless, the boys write their own songs, play their own instruments and definitely do their own things. One can easily distinguish the differences between Hanson and Backstreet Boys(or any other male pop groups) from their lyrics and their sounds. If you are a devoted Hanson fan, then this album should satisfy you quite well.

Favorite songs from this album: "Save me", "This Time Around", & "If Only".