The Backstreet Boys -- "The Backstreet Boys"

There's no doubt that The Backstreet Boys have come a long way since they came together in 1993. Before they were even unheard of in The U.S., they were already huge teen idols in Europe. After touring on the other side of the Atlantic for years, they finally brought their success home. The Backstreet Boys slowly but surely became one of the biggest breaks of a new band in the history of music. Selling more than 30 million copies all over the world, The Backstreet Boys has already made history. Most of the songs on this album are oh-baby-I-shouldn't-have let you go type of love, heartbreaking songs. But even Jonathan Davis, the frontman of KoRn, had to admit that "Everybody", with menacing bass line and disco-funky breaks, is one of a kind. Much of what this album has to offer can easily make you get up and dance. This album includes a number 1 hit(#1 on Billboards chart), "I'll Never Break Your Heart", which ironicaly is considered one of their worst singles yet.

Favorite songs from this album: "Quit Playing Games", "All I Have To Give" & "As Long As You Love Me".