Depeche Mode -- "Songs of Faith and Devotion" (1993)

After 13 years of making music, Depeche Mode released its highly anticipated album, Songs of Faith and Devotion. It debuted at number one(1) on the Billboard's Top 200. No other albums from DM before has ever achieved such high debutation(or...) as well as outstanding media reviews. So why did SOFAD become so popular? I think because it is simply one of the best albums ever created! Even better than its precedent, Violator, which was considered the best DM album ever. There are many similarities between SOFAD and Violator. For one, both albums contain no more than 10 songs, but Depeche made sure that they were quality songs. The singles that came off Violator were exceptionally successful. As for SOFAD, it was not just the singles that went around, but just about any song on the album could have won an Oscar. Dave Gohan(lead singer) sound mysterius yet sexy in "Higher Love" and "I Feel You" with his deep yet high note. Religious issues arouse when you listen to this album. Songs such as "Judas", "Condemnation", "One Caress", and "The Mercy In You" all point to the bible. Again, SOFAD is one of the only albums which I can listen to without skipping half of the songs on it!

Favorite songs from this album: "The Mercy In You", "Walking In My Shoes", "One Caress", "Higher Love" & "In Your Room".