The Backstreet Boys -- "Millennium"

The biggest selling album of 1999, Millennium, From THE BACKSTREET BOYS! Oh yes. Following their tenfold-platinum self-titled debut album, Millennium carries a somewhat more mature sound. Not surprisingly, many of the songs on this album are not directly related to love and breaking up; some even has deep meanings. Just give a listen to "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely"; it digs its melodic claws into your skull and make you think about it. However, the boys failed to show high quality lyrics on this album. It really isn't that hard to sit down for an hour, start writing, revise it a couple of times, and there you have a song with meaningful lyrics; rather than another cliche love song like "I'll Never Break Your Herat". Well enough criticism now, as this album does deserve a lot of praise. I have listened to this CD more than all my other CD's COMBINED! Mainly because it contains two of my favorite songs of all time.(See below) On the other hand, nearly half of the songs on this album are unbearable after 10 seconds of listening to them. I'm speaking of "Spanish Eyes", "Perfect Fan", "No One Else Comes Close", and "Back To Your Heart". However, there are those powerful menacing bass line and disco-funky breaks tunes, such as "Larger Than Life", "The One", and "It's Gotta Be You". Over all, it does not disappoint the fans in any way; being even slightly better than their first album.

Favorite songs from this album: "I Want It That Way" & "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely".