Hanson -- "Middle of Nowhere"

This is the album that made Hanson as famous as they are today. The Middle of Nowhere is indeed one of a kind. The childish and immature yet powerful sounds of Hanson back then can be reflect by songs such as "MMMBop", "Lucy", and "Madeline". This album would have been a lot better if half of the songs didn't sound like they were sung by 8-year-old guys and girls. It is, indeed, 100% pure POP. Not much you can dance to, but the songs grab your attention right when you hear them and stay in your memory for a long time. I love this CD because despite Hanson's youthful sounds, all the songs on this album sound SOOOOOOOOO good! This is one of the only CD's I have which I can listen to the whole album without skipping 2/3 of the songs.

Favorite songs from this album: "I Will Come To You", "Weird", & "Yearbook".